Peace & Profits™️

Our proprietary framework that drives results


Know your business's strengths and discover how your business is doing financially


Define the new goal and vision for your company for the next 12 months


Strategize and develop a plan of action for you and your team

Option 1

Peace + Profits Collective

Join Kendra Nicole for a 6-month mentorship and business coaching program, unlike anything you’ve seen before.

Option 2

Peace + Profits VIP Day

Get financial clarity & your 12-month strategic roadmap – all in one day.

Whatever obstacles you’ve faced, it’s critical to keep going. Feeling a lack of fulfillment? Unsure of what to do next? Confused about what to prioritize? That’s where Peace + Profits TM comes in. 

The fastest way to go from #hustling as an entrepreneur to a business owner that has both peace and profits

Which road will you consider?