Ready to have a business that brings you Peace & Profits™️? Entrepreneurship is not about the hustle. And making millions is not about how hard you grind. In fact, the ‘secret’ is being intentional & strategic. Leverage my 15+ years of experience building strategies & systems for startup entrepreneurs and Fortune 50 companies.



A Business Audit + Strategic Playbook in ONE day? Yes please!

You know your business has areas where it can improve…

Profits? Pricing? Strategy? Systems? Cash Flow?


Here’s the thing – the (not so little) feeling that keeps you up at night is real. But there is a solution!

And even better – Kendra can expose the issues & develop your strategic solution and explain it all to you in just one day!

As a creative entrepreneur, I’m not very good with numbers, so when I came across Kendra I was super excited for everything that she offers. Since working with Kendra I have gained so much more clarity on the business. We’ve increased profits through new revenue streams and I have better understanding of all things.

Haley Ingram

CEO of Coffee & Contracts

Peace & profits ™ collective

Business Strategy + Sisterhood?

Booked & Busy?

No thanks – we prefer Peace & Profits ™️.

It is not about having a booked out calendar and endless meetings to attend. You can ditch the hustle culture and build a business – and life – that gives you peace & profits.

Join Kendra for 6 months of intentional mentorship and business coaching that concludes with a peaceful retreat to connect & celebrate.

1000% recommend! You need this. It will change your life.

Ava Williams

Solution Consulting Co.

Business Advisory Service

Strategy & Systems Matter

Have you ever wondered how some entrepreneurs make millions while managing a busy household, traveling the world, and having plenty of time for self care?

Or how a CEO with dozens of employees can run a stress free organization where the team thrives and the profits climb?

The answer: Strategy & Systems

Let Kendra give your million dollar business the Million Dollar Strategy & Systems it need to thrive.

If you are looking for a detail-oriented, reliable professional, Kendra and the whole Finance Femme team is it. What I love most about their team is the direct access they give their clients. Being able to message them at any time through my client dashboard was a game-changer for me. Running 3 businesses, my hours to communicate are unpredictable so this feature allows me to always feel comfortable with what was going on financially with my business. More importantly, everything is streamlined, documented, and recorded in one place has surpassed my expectations.

Kendra loves numbers, loves what she does and more importantly, truly cares about her clients’ success. I would recommend her services 10x over.

Yene Damtew​

Beauty Industry Educator​

the finance femme®

Monthly Accounting & Virtual CFO Support

In 2016, Kendra created The Finance Femme – a full service, high quality Accounting and Virtual CFO solution. This is the solution for thriving entrepreneurs who seek ongoing financial clarity and strategy via accurate accounting & financial reporting.

One of the things I really love about working with The Finance Femme team is that you all keep me organized. And with the projections and knowing about my cash flow, I’m able to anticipate my finances.

Arielle Loren

CEO, Arielle Loren Agency


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Join Kendra Nicole, as she shares business tips and has conversations with some of your favorite entrepreneurs about money, business strategy, and the occasional parenting hack!

If you love to talk business and entrepreneurship – and want to build a life with intention that consists of peace and profits – this podcast is for you.

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